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City of San Antnoio Non-Discrimination Ordinance | August 22, 2013
Position Statement: The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce supports non-discrimination policies that protect individuals from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. We also believe that protections should include individuals who may be discriminated against for their sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status; therefore, The Chamber supports the City of San Antonio’s proposed Non-Discrimination Ordinance.

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SAWS Rate Increase | January 24, 2013
Position Statement: The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce supports the San Antonio Water System’s (SAWS) 8.4 percent rate increase proposal for improving its water and wastewater systems and increasing water supplies for our community. The Chamber acknowledges the costs associated with providing these basic services and the costs in terms of health, safety and prosperity are the minimal need, compared to the long-term cost for failure to do so. To that end, The Chamber further recommends that the City Council:

  1. Authorize SAWS to develop multi-year rate increases within parameters set forth by the City Council with a goal of increasing transparency and accountability (regular semiannual status reports) as well as creating certainty for significantly increasing long-term water supplies;
  2. Implement a new wastewater maintenance/ rehabilitation fee to adequately fund improvements to the long-neglected wastewater collection system with a sunset provision to create transparency and certainty in maintaining a safe and adequate wastewater/ sewer system and staff;
  3. Encourage SAWS to aggressively implement a community education program on the causes and effects of sanitary sewer overflows and how to prevent them;
  4. Continue emphasizing the need for new non-Edwards Aquifer water supply projects; and
  5. Encourage SAWS to continuously demonstrate aggressive internal cost saving measures.

Download the position paper with background details here >>>

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